Cybersecurity Students Thread

Hello I am a beginner cyber security student as was wondering if anyone was able to give advice as to how to gain an understanding of the commonly used tools and the situations they might be used in?
Thank You in advance.

Hello fellow beginner.

Try to Google it first and try to read the documentation of the tools from their website. That’s what I always do, Hope this helps.

That is great, thank you.

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Cyber Security is a catch all term and there are many specialties involved. You could be interested in Incident response, Forensics, Pen testing, Systems admin, Malware analysis or many other topics. The tools involved are also many. Dont try to master all if you want to do this professionally, you will have to specialise. They are all interesting fields and it will benefit you to have a high level understanding of them before specialising but tools are hard to recommend.

The best place to start depending on your experience is basic computer science and networks. What level are you currently at. Do you know what port scanning is, do you know what port 22 is commonly used for and so on. Have you used Nmap. Obvious resources are here and the YouTube Channel.

Tell us what you have used and where you are looking to go in the industry and we can better direct you


That is great, Thank you for responding.