Darkweb hackers market

How do hackers in deep/darkweb sell data to a buyer in an electronic form? Do they upload the data on a file uploading service and then delete it so that only the person who paid for it can download the data and no one else can?

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After what I have seen, mega is quite popular.
(Dunno about DB)
And I don’t think it has got deleted. - So leaks could be quite frequent?

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I don’t think so that Mega file uploading service is available on deep/darkweb.

What was feedback from members regards to your question?

So it means that they upload it on a file uploading service? How do they make sure that no one else should get access to it other then the person who paid for it?

They sell it in discrete quantities and use File uploading services mostly.

Didn’t got that. Can you explain more clearly?

It means that they sell it in parts like 1k passwords for 1 bitcoin and another 1k passwords for another 1 bitcoin like that And they mostly assume that the data they are selling can get leaked so they take big amount of payment once only.

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