Deleting ubuntu from dual boot

So hi guys , i just burned a parrot os copy in my usb flash but i have have an ubuntu os dual boot with my windows so how can i delete this ubuntu and install parrot without ruining the bootloader

Wait wait wait my brain just stopped

Why do you want to delete ubuntu?
You can directly boot from the usb

If you are deleting Ubuntu then your windows will get deleted. You should first delete Ubuntu which will eventually delete your windows because of dual boot case. Then if you want to re-install windows then you could re-install and then install parrot OS from your Live USB Drive. I would suggest you to make a persistent parrot os usb drive instead of dual booting your pc.

Yeah that is what i meant

So then go for the solution. I also mentioned that in my answer.

so let me clarify my situation , i did expanded a partition for ubuntu just ubuntu i gave him 50 gb and the rest for my windows so i installed my ubuntu there and the grub boot loader if i delete the partition that my ubuntu is tthere i’m afraid that i’ll face boot problemes cuz grub bootloader is not that easy

It would be easier too just re-image your disk than deal with grub lol. Just get a windows 7 or 10 ISO which ever off of piratebay or related website. Throw it on a USB & install it.

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I think that’s what i was trying to say and ring0 is also talking about a similar solution. You can follow any of the solutions to solve your problem.

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Not to sound like a dick with my first post but all of this isn’t very good advice.

First there is no “dealing with grub” if you do this.
The only time you would have to mess with reinstalloing grub is if you were dual booting with another OS that relied on grub for it’s boot loader.

Before you do anything create a windows rescue disc(I forget where the option is it has been so long).
Then delete your Ubuntu(or whatever linux distor you have installed) partitions.
Then reboot the machine with the windows rescue disc you created in the first step.

Ask for a command prompt however it is worded and type

BootRec.exe /fixmbr
Hit enter

If it is windows 10 it may be a little different but make the rescue disk before you do anything

Reboot the machine and it will boot windows.

Only issue is that if you happen to have a comercially built system that has a recovery partition you are taking the chance of that partition never booting again but you already took that chance by deciding to dual boot and install Grub in the first place so idk.

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