Developing PHP DOS Attack Script

I have tried a lot of DDOS & DOS scripts available on GitHub.

But I found no script which can do this stuff precisely, as in my case, it is unable to denial the service of target website (My own Site which I am testing)

Developing own Botnets and using it to flood website with lot of garbage traffic is one approach, but then also one needs lakhs of botnet/zombie system to perform DDOS attack.

Recently I thought a new idea to crash site using a site/server,
Let me explain it briefly.

Making 15-20 free accounts of hosting and then hosting PHP site which will generate Huge Garbage Request in a loop,

Hence using Several Server’s power to denial one SINGLE SITE :sunglasses:

Can anyone Develop a PHP DOS script which can do so.

I have very basic knowledge of PHP.

Please Share your thought about this Idea