Discord ban ------


Look like I have been ban from discord, i just asked a question, i thought i could, i was banned immediately, no warning
Can you please unban me ?

my username is username#2518


What was the question? That maybe a reson why you have been banned from the discord server. A blackhat or malicious activity maybe.

I asked a question about ddos, but okay i understood i will not ask that again, the line is very thin between what we can talk about and what we can’t, a lot of stuff ppl talk about in the discord are kind of grey/blackhat but it depends how you see the thing.

At the end I said it was for research purpose…

After seeing this probably the admins would un-ban you.

Hello, i will check with the audit log and unban you if it was done unjustfully.

thx plz keep me updated

@HackerSploit any feedback please?

Lol create another user account add yourself in channel :laughing:

I have unbanned you, please stay within the limits of discussion.


sentence complete

Alot of security advice rooms etc. Have strict guidelines about discussions about illegal methods and sharing information about that, as most folks on there approach illegal activities without care of use. Crackers, script kids etc.
It is usually better preferred by room operates to keep that shit under control.
Illegal ideas, guidelines, and approaches of these types of things are better searched in the darker places.
Though DDoS is not a mammoth serous thing initially, where you might DDoS your neighbors.
It is a serious thing when elevated and can do alot of harm.
Both are illegal without permission.
Be careful what you ask on some places.
Hope you got sorted.

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