Discussion about CTF challenges

In recent days i’ve been just keep on participating in the couple of CTF challenges …and also i solved the majority of challenges …and i would like to mention here that CTF participation will help you to recognize your position by yourselves and which will be the very essential to you to enhance your knowledge in the cyber security . if some of you guys doesn’t heard anything about the CTF challenges any before just go ahead and google it . It will help you to check your endurance and patience to reach your passion(hacking) . it also helps to lift up your way of thinking. i think it’s so cool to break the challenges and getting points . but in some cases if you can’t get the flag means don’t be afraid and don’t get frustrated too soon . just try to pull yourselves and keep on focused to solve it until you get the flag. In one of the ctf challenge that i participated before few days I came to know the Forensics was one of the tedious task i think .the competition was over i’m just keep working on it to figure out the flag . so that’s all i expected to mention right here!


Thank you for the motivation man! Appreciate it! :wink:

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