Echosec - Information gathering

Hi, in this topic I would be saying a few words about Echosec which is an information gathering tool and is found at that allows you to search social media and take advantage of location services to show where the postings originated, how it works is that you can pick a spot on a map using a selection box or by simply typing a name or an address and view everything that has been posted from that location, to be even more fluent… you can search by username or keyword and go further and filter the search by date range. This is a powerful tool just like Maltego when it comes to information gathering, this could score valuable information about an organisation about what they are doing, etc… I’m posting this for educational purpose only and I shall not take responsible for people who misuse it, just shared it because Hackersploit is a place where we can exchange knowledge and discuss on topics together and I have been a follower since an year on youtube as well and felt happy when I found this forum… Thankyou Alexis for making this possible!