Exploit and Vulnerability Finder

Greetings everyone, I hope you all are fine and shine. Welcome again to another tutorial on how to find exploit and vulnerabilities. Some of the people may probably be aware of this tool, but for those who don’t know here is the guide to take a loot at.

“Pompem is an open source tool, designed to automate the search for Exploits and Vulnerability in the most important databases. Developed in Python, has a system of advanced search, that help the work of pentesters and ethical hackers. In the current version, it performs searches in PacketStorm security, CXSecurity, ZeroDay, Vulners, National Vulnerability Database, WPScan Vulnerability Database”

As always first we need to clone or zip download.
github = https://github.com/rfunix/Pompem

  1. once you got the clone link, simply clone it where you exactly want it.
    $ git clone (URL)

  2. $ cd /Pompem (navigate to the directory)

  3. $ pip install requirements.txt

  4. Now you are good to go with it.
    $ python3 pompem.py -h (shows the help menu)(written in python 3.5)

  5. Once you open the help menu, you will see two types of result for displaying the
    –txt (shows the result in text format on the terminal
    –html (shows the result in html format(browser), which is great)

  6. Now we will find vulnerabilities and exploits.

  7. Let’s target drupal for a few moments.
    $ python3 pompem.py -s drupal --html (-s is for search)
    Now this will display alot of vulerabilities and exploit in drupal.

  8. Let’s target joomla
    $ python3 pompem.py -s joomla --html

I hope you get the idea how to use it further.
Didn’t get the article? = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmoQfHAKuoM&t=54s
Thank You <3


@ReDXsploit_Cyber Thanks for the TuT. I noticed step 3 the command

for python3 requirements.txt to be installed the command needs to be
pip3 install requirements.txt