Exploiting Devices On External Networks

Hi there, I’m a rookie to this exploitation environment but would like to get a role as a security engineer.

The first step I had to do is basically exploit my device, somehow I’m able to execute if my device in the same network. I would like to seek help here which I’m trying to sort out myself for years and what not! This is the first time I’m seeking help in an online forum.

Let’s see what I get, a big fan of HackerSploit.

thats will be impossible, as you know those system deployed online can be hacked because its accessible on the internet,YOU NEED WAY IN

Yeah u can, create a playload use ngrok for port forwarding or either use beef over wan/beef over aws snd a link access its browser exploit it with reverse http shell
There are many tutorial on how to do this in youtube and web hope you will find it

Ps : :sweat_smile:im new to this forum if im not good with the answer i apologize


Hello, I will assume your question is referring to remotely hack a device that is in a different geographical region or is not on your local network, you will first need to set up a listener and port forwarding so that the target can receive remote commands from your command and control center.

For example, if I wanted to create an Android payload, I would setup port forwarding with Ngrok and use the listener URL as the listener address with msfvenom and specify the listener port.

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He is right you can create a trojan horse with msfvenom and then send it to your target that is not on the same network and when he opens the file he will penetrate it into the computer (do not forget to open in metasploit exploit multi/handler)

i hope it helped you:)

that’s very easy only you have to expose your service to the internet you can do with only single cmd that is ssh
follow the step
step1) start the web server sudo systemctl start apache2
step2) now use ssh to do ssh keygen ssh-keygen press enter whatever asked
step3) now do port forwarding ssh -R 80:localhost:80 public.example.com
step4) now you had done all things after this you will get one url which is public use that as LHOST