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Hi there

I have a list of about 10K email addresses. Is there a tool that I can run to see how many of the email addresses in the list is connected to a Facebook account.

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In the case of netflix and sportify i know that their is a account
Checker which check all the accounts but this case u may check all the mails on going mail verify section

Hi @RiaanN I think this is an example of what you are looking for https://github.com/fdciabdul/fbchecker

This is just my opinion and not an attack on you.
WTF is so special about FB accounts that anyone wants to bother with them.

I just don’t see the point…

Hi BuGz

No offense taken. In fact people asking how to hack a FB account is giving me a pain as well. But let me give some more info.

In South Africa there is a Swingers community. The owners of the website gave me their DB and requested the following:

  1. Do a clean-up, meaning to check if the email address is a valid email (syntax)
  2. Check if the mailbox exist at all
  3. If possible check how many of the remaining email addresses are social media users.

The reason why they need this is because their new platform is nearly finished, and they want to transfer the people to the new system soon. But also in the process get rid of the dormant and fake profiles

Step 1 and 2 was quite easy and the initial 10K DB came down to a 8K DB.

So the next step is just to check if the remaining email is associated with a social account. Not with the intention to hack into it.

Hope this make sense


Alright that makes sense.

You should be more specific in your posts though it may help solve whatever problem you are having.

On my initial post;

It is just that I see all these script kiddies wantign to hack emails and social media accounts all the time and I see no point in doing it other than to spy on someone.
There are far better and stealthier ways to get information on people that don’t involve trying to brute force(this is the method they always want to use which is really stupid to do with some things) a service that runs off a big data center that could cause you more trouble than they are even aware of or thinking about.

Anyway no big deal I was just curious why and probably should have worded my post differently so I didn’t come off as an ass.

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Hi MoNsTeR

I am not getting the tool going on my side. I get the following errors:

PHP Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in /root/fbchecker/fbcheck.php on line 30
PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function curl_init() in /root/fbchecker/fbcheck.php:47
Stack trace:
#0 /root/fbchecker/fbcheck.php(30): nyobianAkun(’\xEF\xBB\[email protected]…’, NULL)
#1 {main}
thrown in /root/fbchecker/fbcheck.php on line 47

I know nothing of PHP but this leads me to believe there is something wrong with the code on line 30.
Which is possibly causing the rest of the errors.

Sorry i can’t be of more help

Bro,They are paying you for this? :smiley: