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I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m on the road quite a bit, and I enjoy my occasional podcast. What are your favorites and what are they about?

Here are a few of mine. I’ll just type them in the order they show up on my player, so no preference here…

  • The Social Engineer Podcast Long time listener here, enjoying the wonderful psychology of hacking the human brain. Every month they interview an expert in the field or in an adjacent field. One of my all time favorites!
  • Security Now A really smart guy having a weekly discussing on all kinds of stuff related to security. He’s really great at explaining how hacks, exploits, concepts work.
  • Grumpy Old Geeks A few guys about my age poking fun about how things were all better back in the time, and having a talk on security too.
  • Defensive Security Podcast Yet another podcast talking about security topics.
  • Hacking Humans Only the second podcast I found that’s active and tackling the topic of social engineering.
  • Darknet Diaries I discovered this podcast only a few months ago. I LOVE THESE! It’s great tech journalism, telling the story behind some of the most famous hacks and hackers from the recent history. I listens like a really well narrated book, really exciting!
  • Malicious Live Also a nice storytelling podcast about crimes that are computer related. I discovered it together with Darknet Diaries, and it sits just next to it, also the thrilling excitement of being a (cyber)criminal being narrated.
  • Cyber Security Interviews Yet another podcast talking about security topics.
  • Cyber Security Sauna Yet another podcast talking about security topics.
  • The Privacy, Security & OSINT show This podcast also talks about privacy as an aspect. Very varied in topics.
  • The Secure Developer By the people from Snyk, a new discovery. I think I like it, but it’s pretty new on my list.
  • Linux Unplugged Just a podcast on Linux, my favorite OS.
  • Tech Snap A general tech oriented podcast by the same team from Linux Unplugged. There may be other podcasts in the Jupiter Broadcasting playlist you might like…

Excellent list, definitely gonna give them a go.

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@JurgenG Good stuff. I to will be taking a look. Thanks for sharing.

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Darknet Diaries is a very cool podcast. It’s a must listen podcast.

this is cool … thanks for sharing such a great stuff

Useful list of other related podcasts on the Darknet Diaries site here: https://darknetdiaries.com/youmightalsolike/

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