Guidance and advices as to wich OS is better for Pentest

Hello everybody,just registered,and didn’t expect so many posts.
i am interested in the kali vs. Parrot.

Whats the opinion on the group/experienced users

My experience is that Parrot is more stable than Kali and Parrot also offers more tools for anonymity.
Here you can read some interesting things about Parrot and Kali Linux that can help you make your choice: Which is better Parrot OS or Kali Linux? — SecurityMadeSimple

I have one virtual machine KALI and one virtual machine Parrot OS.
I find myself defaulting to Parrot OS most of the time. I just think it’s sleeker, a little bit more responsive and neatly packaged. On the other hand, KALI seem to be the industry standard more or less.

Both are very well supported by their respective communities (forums, Discord etc) and if you find something in one distro that you lack in another you can probably just install it on your prefered choice one anyway.

That being said, I still gravitate more towards Parrot OS.

I also tried something called CSI Linux a while ago. Link for interested parties: CSI Linux.

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I like to use black arch Linux it has more tools and constantly stays up to date unlike kali and some other pentesting Linux distro’s. Black arch has over 2700 tools are available in the repository. I hope you found this useful!


2700 tools are too many. Why not just install Linux Arch and install the tools you need. Saves a lot of space.
But I love Arch!

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