Hack Buddy to help build knowledge

Hello, i havent been on in a while i had to get serious and just passed my a+ 1001 and 1002, now my next step is learning these networks, it really is all a big giant network.
I am having trouble understanding some stuff and just wish i had someone to talk things through with when i get stuck or have trouble understanding concepts or questions.
Is their anyone that can help me, even if we both are beginners we can help each other gain understanding.
Trying to find help is difficult i have done the best i can but now i believe i need help to gain that next bit of understanding. i am learning about subnetting and certain questions i am not understanding, i have good links to courses and books etc… just would be good to find someone to discuss this stuff with.
Hopefully their is someone out their @MoNsTeR hint hint or anyone really who has time