Hacker without a PC Problems

Hey guys… I am a simple computer security enthusiast that is stuck inside a dark reality without Computers. (I only have my smartphone). It’s been 4 months since I joined the Army ( In my country is obligatory, on men, to Join the Army once they are finished with their studies ) and I fill like I have forgotten how to code and how to use a computer in general… I know there is nothing I can do about it so I started thinking what else could I start doing just so i can keep in touch with the field … ??

Do you have any cool Advice? Like Books; Shows; Movies; Apps; Games;

My core Interests : Web Hacking , web Development, Hacking in General. New ground braking technologies, cryptography.

Help a Disabled hacker out ! I love you already!

I feel you bro😂
I will join the army for 13 months the next month😂
Well, you can try Twitter for hacking news etc.
If you want to keep a touch with programming, you can try ‘SoloLearn’.
If you want hacking videos, I recommend you
to check on YouTube StackOverFlow. He is very good👌
Also you can check on Twitter and telegram the HackerTube community.HackerTube is a new platform which is in progress and I am a volunteer of it​:wink::+1:

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Dude… Thank you for the Recommendations I ll definitely give them a look effective immediately!
Also… While you are in there. Don’t get caught snooping around the server room!