HackerSploit IRC Chat

Greetings community. I have created a place for us to have live IRC chat. I have created the channel #HackerSploit on FreeNode server. If you don’t have an IRC client set up you can use the WebChat site Here Come join us and we can pass ideas around in real time.


Is it this? https://wiki.hackerspaces.org/IRC_Channel

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@D4rkhunt3r its on that FreeNode server #HackerSploit

Just joined, we can keep both the IRC channel and the discord.

Is there Hackersploit channel on discord too?

Yes, i’ll post all the links shortly.


Pls share the link with me my mentor.

Okay lady’s and gentlemen. Alexis has added the discord chat. The Freenode IRC was temporary. This topic is closed.