Hacking Any PC with a Picture

Greetings guys, Hope you all are fine. We’ve been sending payloads to victim and pray them to open, but they don’t really trust any applications because they are afraid of being hacked. They think it might be payload embeded which is true.

So I have something different then that, just follow the steps.

  1. As always we create payload first. (make it undetectable)
  2. YOU will need a picture.
  3. you have to make an icon of your picture.
  4. Now you have to bind the payload with a picture. Select both picture and payload and then make archive of that. (make sure you choose icon to look legit like a picture)
  5. Now you are done just test it on your virtual machine.

Need Help? = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPyzX4YSry4&t=4s