Hacking with windows phone

Can we do hacking with windows phone?

NO. You cannot start hacking with Windows phone. The reason behind it is:

  1. Windows operating system is no longer supported in Windows mobiles.
  2. You won’t get any windows phone in market now. Even if you have one it’s old enough to not support even your basic hacks.
  3. No availability means no system updates and no patches which will eventually result in you getting hacked. The thing you never want to happen.
  4. There’s no reason to use windows mobile phones.
  5. You cannot customize it for you hacking and attack vectors.

For more reasons on “why not to use windows phone” you can check here (old articles but still fulfils todays conditions):

@D4rkhunt3r Thanks. Can you tell if there is a way to convert it into android.

@rishugkp688 You mean hack using Android device?

@D4rkhunt3r I am having window s phone and I want to convert it into Android

I don’t know any method that one can use to convert windows phone into an android. That’s just like you want to convert a android device into an ios device. You can get a “feel” or “touch” of android if you put on android launcher app. But that’s not the case. It cannot stop the services and the things present in your windows phone and convert in into android. So no you cannot convert a windows phone into an android phone. Btw you are vulnerable af dude. Change your os as early as you can.

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