Help for dns leak issues in kali linux

Hello community may someone can help me.

My settings are…
Kali Linux in combination with the whonix gateway in a virtual box 6.0
Whonix Network adapter 1 is NAT
Whonix Network adapter 2 is intern network
Kali Linux adapter 1 is intern network
Kali Linux Network Target is whonix

Simply like in hackersploit video on YT to Connect the whonix with kali linux.

Well i start the Gateway and Kali Linux…
I open proxychains settings.
anon /etc/proxychains.conf
Dynamic chains and Socks5 are activated.
Save settings and quite with ctrl x

Now i want to open firefox with the tor service…
service tor start
Service tor status
proxychains firefox
Its running perfectly. No problems. And i have other ip and can surf in the internet.

But when i check in
1 Query and 0 server found
And no other country

Same problem in extendet test.
1 Query and 0 server found
And no other country

It was working quiet good all the time before. And 5 different countrys showed me too. But now nothing anymore.
Even i dont change any settings. : /

What can be the problem?
And how to fix it?

Thx for the help
And Dont worry hack happy :smiley:

Have you tried Service tor restart?

Yes i tried already and it dosent work.

I just open the pc today again and tried and its working without issues now.
Dont know what was the problem. I changed nothing. Same problem i had in the whonix workstation with tor too. Simply without proxychains settings. But DNS leak show the same issues with 0 server.

Well Im happy its working now. But i want to observe that bc its still a unsolved problem/issue.

Have a nice weekend