Help needed in upgrading Social Engineering Skills

What’s the best reason i can give to my victim to make him/her fall in my phishing trap (To make him/her login)?

Hi rootsec
You can phish your target by various ways by sending them emails using guriella mail or any other mail providers to change their configs on your phishing page or you can use

PhishX a powerfull phishing tool which can use extraordinary ways to phish target just make a smtp server on smtp2go and g0 ahed their r many other ways but you nead to find your self
Cuz a good hacker is a self lerner
I hope this will help u
Note plzz use this info for educational purpose only phising is illigal

@Darknimbus1 thank you but ik these techniques. I wanted to know the best reason i can give my victim to open the phishing link. Probably from Instashell by LinuxChoice.