Help required installing BlackArch Linux in VM ware

How can i install BlackArch Linux in VM ware workstation 15.5? I watched Hackersploit video but he didn’t took a tour of configs to perform while setting up BlackArch. Also Arch Linux in not listed in the latest version of VM ware workstation. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you :smiley:

Could you please elaborate on your issue, my VM settings were standard. Just ensure the installation type is set to Arch Linux.

I am currently using VMware workstation 15.5 Pro and there’s no option for Arch Linux there. Also by selecting various other Linux Kernel versions i am getting error at startup before installation. I really want to use Blackarch in VMware and not in Virtual Box. IMG_20191230_225825691

The problem i was facing regarding installation of Blackarch in VMware has been fixed now. The issue was with ISO image. It was broken and gave the above same error in every Linux kernel version selection. I re-downloaded the official Blackarch 64 bit ISO image and it worked without any problem.