Hosting using ngrok

I was wondering if it’s possible to host a private site using the IP from ngrok or even a site in the Tor network using it

Hello, yes that is primarily what it is designed for.


Thanks man a lot
I’m planning to host a site in the Tor network

I would read this before I decided what to do.
Nothing will actually be private so think about it,

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Nothing is private nowadays. There’s a very popular say: “Security is a myth in todays world”.

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You’re correct to a certain extent.

I just always encourage people to read privay policies and user agreements.

Either way if you read them you can’t complain that they were logging something you didn’t want them to when you agreed to let it happen when you signed up.

A lot of places go too far though collecting things that they really have no business collecting.
Logging what you do when you sign up for something is one thing and collecting information about your users when most of the time they have no knowledge of it happening is wrong.

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Are there any sites tt offer the same service like ngrok
Mayb they hv bttr privacy policies
Help plz

@ndlovioustmilford does the same thing. You can look into them.