How can i exploit a remote system without utilizing a malicious payload or document?

How can i get into a machine like computer “outside my network” without using any “malicious file” please?

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What I am able to extract from your question is that you want to gain access to a remote system without the use of a malicious document or payload (client-side attack).

In that event, the attack vector that you should be focusing on is a host/system-based attack, where you will need to identify the services running on the target system and their respective vulnerabilities (if any).

Once you have identified the vulnerabilities, the next step will involve identifying exploit code that can be used to exploit the vulnerability. A good starting point is

Furthermore, if you are attacking remote systems, I would recommend setting up a C2(command and control) server on the internet, this can be facilitated through various cloud hosting platforms like Linode or DigitalOcean. This will allow you to attack systems that are publicly accessible on the internet without setting up port forwarding.

Note: I will not be held liable for any damage caused to any organization’s systems or networks. This advice assumes you are performing a legal penetration test or red team assessment and that you have obtained the necessary documentation granting you the permission to perform the attack.


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