How can i get my tools added to the official Kali Linux repositories?

Being a malware developer and ethical hacker, I am keen to add some cool tools developed my me to Kali Linux OS,

What is the proper procedure to request Kali developer to add new tools to Kali os

What are the criteria of a tool which can be added to Kali OS (so that developer can improve tools according)

I developed a variety of tools and few of them are available on my GitHub repo :

A great tool idea is came in my mind, and before starting coding it, I want to know the Kali tools criteria

If someone know anything, please help

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Pro tip: If they find your tool good enough they will add it automatically.
I remember a friend of mine makes hacking tools based on Python and few of his tools are now included in official blackarch Linux repository because those tools went famous attracting attention of blackarch Devs. But this wasn’t done as soon as he released his tools. It took a lot of time for his tools to get selected in Blackarch Linux. As always said: Persistence is the key to success. I would suggest you to not to run after contacting various OS Devs in order to get your tools selected. They will automatically select it if they find it interesting or ice breaking. However you can contact Blackarch Linux Devs through their official IRC and Discord server. If you read latest Kali Linux blog they have mentioned about this. Hope it helps :smiley:

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Hmm. I like pro tip

Thinking to build a tool which is similar to SEToolkit (In term of interface),
which can be used to generate any type of malware for any OS [Windows, Linux, Android, etc]
with build-in binder [Capable to bind with any file .exe, .pdf, .txt]

I know it will take time.

What do you think, can this types of tool can be added to any Famous linux distro.

Latest release of My Keylogger and TrojanHorse supports build-in binder and custom icon.

A script which will going to automate the use of these scripts, EXTREME AUTOMATION :star_struck:

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Good stuff @MrRobot Keep working hard. Your work will be noticed. Your best bet is to go post your tools on the Kali forum. I would also contact the project manager of “theZoo - A Live Malware Repository” Shahak Shalev. The GitHub is I am sure he would be more than happy to get you plugged in the program. This is a good start. Good Luck!

Thanks bro :blush: for appreciating my work

Little bit busy right now, but will try my best to release this project as soon as possible.

Also i think that @Rootsec is right, If they find your tool good enough they will add it automatically.

Till now, just contribution needed,

As I don’t know Java, and till now i can’t develop android malware.
My Project’s main aim is to develop MulitOS malware generator.

Hope someone with good Java skills would help

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Thanks for sharing this information. Ethical Hacking