How can i setup a VPN server from scratch

Hello everyone I’ve started working on a project for a vpn server but I’d like to build it totally from scratch…anyone know where I can find some proper documentation ? Thank you


What is your plan give more detail. What language are you coding in or is it software already compiled? Where do you intend to host it? What is its intention?

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To be honest I’ve just been thinking of this project and looking for some documents on how can be built as for my skills I’m mainly python developer and I’ve got basics knowledge of Go" also at this point I don’t have the intention to make it as a commercial product …just a "little " project

What you’re going to need:

  1. A good VPS/Dedi (preferably running debian or ubuntu)
    3.) TAP OpenVPN Gui client if you’re on windows.

If you want to make you’re own custom VPN Gui I can provide some basic source code for one I will list it below.

*VPN GUI SOURCE CODE W VIDEO: (he has the src in the description) you’re going to need Visual Studio IDE to edit the source code for the gui.


If you are looking to create your own VPN server, you can use OpenVPN on a VPS.


Ill look into this as well . Thanks

Thank you , really appreciate your advice !!!

does it supports port forwarding after getting connection from server.
actually my isp is not allowing port forwarding on dynamic ip address and forwarding port using vpn service it would be great option. so if i follow this tutorial will it support port forwarding on my system.

Yep no problem glad I can help