How do celebrities get hacked?

A matter of curiosity but i wanted to know that “how do really celebrities get hacked” ?

Well… just like any other person

Most of the hackers use fishing to target celebrities,there main objective is to catch there accounts details,most of them are social medias

Do not think that celebrites use some super duper methods to encrypt there system or to secure there traffic like us,there are just some average or a bit beyond average in term of cyber security


From hypothetical expierence and being around the so called “scene”. They either use a method too get account details to leverage information further to get account information. Back in the day like 2012 you could photoshop Fake account owner ship and send to twitter and they would give you the account. Now adays its they either find there password / login info In leaked databases, or they sim swap them. Sim swapping you either need to pose as another tech support rep from a diffrent call center or pay a employee on the inside with access too employee tools. Now since sim swapping has been a big problem and people are jacking bitcoin wallets. Now you need to be on there corporate vpn too access employee tools. So realistically the only way is pay or know an employee to add a new sim card too the account. One of my old online buddies just got indicted for jacking 2mil in btc. It’s mostly social engineering


Celebrities have many people roaming around them who manages their day to day activities and works. Celebrities hire managing agencies to do these works including social media accounts management. So if they get hacked it’s because of that companies agents working for celebrities. Also do you really think that phishing will work on celebrities as they know that they will always being targeted by someone. Also they don’t care to reply to comments under their profile specially if there is a link. What @ring0 is saying makes sense.

Worked for a local celebrity… their security unfortunately is trash… No 2FA, no confirmation oralerts on suspicious or log ons from different machines just a username and a password. They can’t (like most non tech people) comprehend how vulnerable and insecure their systems are unless they get their financial or personal data hacked.


Are they dumb enough to not change their passwords even after a recent database leakage?

Well for starters howcwill they know if there was a leakage. You and me know about it since we are in forums, have a news feed and are up to date. They are not because its not their specialty. Or if they do it could be too late.