How one can learn, Software Cracking from scratch

What are the essential things to learn software cracking.

I Have searched a lot on youtube, but just found one same tutorial, i,e. Cracking PowerISO

How Professional Crackers, crack software.

I know which tools are used to crack software i.e Ollydbg etc.

But i am unable to find the proper path to learn Software Cracking

Can Anyone Suggest Affordable Course which i can follow

Maybe reverse engineering is a legitimate term you want to learn?

If I am not wrong, I think in reverse engineering course, most part that the course author teaches is malware analysis

I know, what is reverse engineering,
Converting compiled codes to assembly language and then doing modification etc

But I found no one to explain proper methods and techniques to crack software, what are that particular vulnerabilities and flaws in codes,

Which enables a cracker to crack software.

That is what, I want to learn,

Don’t want to waste my time in learning THE BORING language in the world i.e. assembly language