How to Cover our Tracks after Hacking?

How to Cover our Tracks after Hacking ? I know how to hack a system , wireless networks and websites but i am not good in covering my tracks . I want to know more about covering my tracks that i left behind after hacking . And Alexis Could you make some course or Video about “Deleting and clearing the logs that you left behind after hacking”.
Thank you!


Well, that’s a big question.

First of all you have to check your tracks from your root. That means the OS you use for hacking.

The best OS which doesn’t keep tracks, is a USB live OS. For example tails live or Kali live etc.
(I do not remember if you restart Live versions, your MAC address may change, but you can use MAC changer).

Second, you have to check your hardware system. For example, you use tails in a pc and connects with another pc which uses Whonix and then you do your hacking work. After that, you are in a good way to cover your tracks.

Now your hardware and root system are very good for covering your main tracks.
Keep in mind that we do not Want much hardware that does nothing to help us.
For example if you have connected a camera or a mic or even speakers, they have their own ID and leave very good tracks behind.

But now there are coming the most problems…
I have to make clear that it’s really really REALLYYYY hard to cover ALL of your tracks.

Now let’s see the system that connects us with the WAN world.

I recommend to use a DNS servicethat keeps no logs and tracks of your activity.
DNS Watch

Address IP: and

DNS watch is one of the safest and friendly anonymous DNS services I know.

To connect in a site you may use TOR. No VPN or Proxy. They keep many Tracks and have MANY security holes.EVEN Premium! Do not ask :joy:

Now there are some details for your router I think which I do not know very much, I hope someone else can reply and cover this part.

If you want to ddos a site, you use ONLY botnet. NO DDOS with your pc because first is useless and second it’s like you say HEY I DDOSed YOU,ARREST ME!

If you get in a site’s data, you have to find where they keep site’s logs and delete them. But it’s hard if it’s not based on WordPress or another familiar platform.

I think I covered you in most parts🤔… I cannot think something else. I hope I helped😉


Thanks for kind informative post. I have learnt some secrets of covering my tracks after hacking. I am so happy that I have learn something new.

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