How to hack CCTV cams which are not online...?

not doing anything illegal, just want to play around and learn…

so there are 2 Wi-Fi in the building, named as “Hostels” and “Self Service”, the “Hostels” wifi is what we use to access the internet and normal stuff, how ever the self service wifi has no internet access and requires no login credentials.

I tried the arp-scan and netdiscover on both the wifi and came up with no results, none of the IP shown belongs to the camera.

I even scanned the public IP range using IP scanner and failed again…

But I’ve noticed that both the gateway routers has telnet port opened…

So what can I do to access those security cams…?
I’ve tried so many things but failed, any other way to get in…?

Thanks :slight_smile:

if i am not wrong try if you can get telnet connection? :thinking:

i don’t have the credentials… but even if I got them, the telnet will give a command line interface… how can i view the cams after it…?

For credentials you need to perform brute force attack and then gain administration credentials. In every telnet connection you will get a terminal window you need to access device through that only. If you have successfully logged-in using telnet then what more you want? You have hacked into that device. Try to have a physical approach to the cam it would be beneficial if you can reset the password (if there’s an option to do so).