How to make pdf with embedded keylogger for Windows user

(hmmm…let me re-phrase the “advise” so no one gets into any troubles)… :slight_smile:

What is the best way to get a keylogger on a remote machine that you only know the IP/MAC address but there are no open ports to exploit? The remote machine is Windows 7, its on my network. I don’t know much about social engineering, but I think i can make a fake page since its not HTTPS secure.

All i’m trying to do is capture the username/password from a HTTP page.

@justhere2learn First thing… A keylogger records keystrokes of an infected machine. The way you worded this sounds illegal to me. Which I appreciate your honesty but I can not help you with this. What I can suggest is you read up on remote administration tools and keyloggers and how they work and what they do. I also suggest reading up on Metasploit.

There are remote keyloggers that send the logs to you via email (like Proton mail) etc. if the victim is connected on the internet. But if it doesn’t work, then the other method is USB keylloger or try to find ‘Zanti’ for Android and check it.

Firstly you have to find vulnerability in your window 7 machine to exploit it.You can try eternal blue EXPLOIT or you can use FATRAT tools to create a pdf with embedded keylogger. Fatrat github link:- forget to encrytp your file beacause antivirus can delete your file when you will send it to target system.I am not suggesting you to do anything illegal. you are fully responsible for your action.
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The link you shared is outdated or have been changed. Here is the latest link for those who are interested.

Updating with other similar tool:

If you wanna to make a good keylogger use beeloger
And saints but use only for educational purpose these
Are best it these could flag as a mallware then use hatkey cuz they bypass windows defenders :slight_smile:

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