How to open port on Windows

I don’t use router and want to open port.
I connect my laptop to hotspot and I don’t know how to open port on hotspots

Not sure if i understand correctly what you are trying to do but you could use ngrok to open a safe tunnel to any port you want!!

Ngrok Website

@1nspired what if I don’t want to use ngrok because I don’t want to use ngrok

What type of hotspot do you have?

It is my phone’s hotspot

Kindly tell your question more briefly. Maybe i can help.

i am trying to say that i don’t have router to open any of my ports because i use internet with my phone’s hotspot now how can i open port of my laptop and i don’t want to use ngrok for this.

@rishugkp688 Use SERVEO

@MoNsTeR my firewall is blocking this site. Is it safe to go here.

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@rishugkp688 Yes it is safe.

Thanks it is working

@rishugkp688 Fantastic!!