how to pentest a CISCO ISR 4331 with routersploit, or any other tool

Hey there I’m trying to pentest a CISCO ISR 4331 using routersploit. But this model of router is not on the list of routers routersploit has available to exploit. when I try running routersploit running the autopwn on this router I just get the following results. All creds and routers “not vulnerable” except these ones below.

“IP” Could not verify exploitability :
http exploits/routers/asus/asuwart_lan_rce
http exploits/routers/shuttle/915wm_dns_change
http exploits/routers/netgear/dgn2200-dnslookup_cgi_rce
custom/tcp exploits/routers/cisco/catalyst_2960_rocem
http exploits/routers/cisco/secure_acs_bypass
http exploits/routers/dlink/dsl_2730b_2780b_526b_dns_change
http exploits/routers/dlink/dsl_2640b_dns_change
http exploits/routers/dlink/dsl_2740r_dns_change
custom/udp exploits/routers/dlink/dir_815_850l_rce
http exploits/routers/billion/billion_5200w_rce
http exploits/routers/3com/officeconnect_rce

I’m having trouble finding YouTube video or manual that explain how to properly investigate these links that cannot be verified. I also get mixed signals from these links even they they are not the same models as my router. After exploring all the options while writing this question Im pretty sure none if them can be used to pen test a CISCO 4331 ISR so any links or advice on how i can do this with routersploit or any other program would be appreciated.