How To Protect Yourself From Crypto-mining scripts

Is there any way to prevent piratebay mining BTCs and ETHs using our CPU power?

Hmm, so piratebay is mining BTC and ETC using our CPU power.

Simple way is to disable JavaScript when using piratebay.

As coinhive external JavaScript file is used to perform this cryptojacking.

Or simply search for a script which can strip coinhive js file,

Or develop your own script which can do so

Just put an adblocker.

Adblocker prevents cryptomining from TPB.:wink:

Coinhive is long gone. You should disable JavaScript in order to block malicious codes from entering your beloved PC but remember most sites will not function properly due to disabling JavaScript. However you can download torrents by using free torrent software such as qBittorrent which come per-installed with Parrotsec not sure about Kali Linux but you can use this NullByte article