How to Route All Network Traffic Through the Tor Network

How to Route All Network Traffic Through the Tor Network.

I am writing TCP Socket programming that will crack the login password.

Before the test password, I want to connect to Tor and test the password through the Tor server.

So how to establish Tor connection and pass the data through Tor.

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look into setting up proxy chains or anonsurf from the L-Script will do the job.

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Try whonix gateway. I find it easier

Actual I want to implement the tor proxy in the program.

So you want use your socket to connect to the relay?

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Go to tor browser proxy setting and check the tab with and it’s respective port number. Then configure new proxy with and the same port number as in the tor proxy setting. All the traffic will go through tor.

Hi @rckanta. Can you please try to be a little more clear on what exactly you are trying to accomplish? Give as much detail as you possibly can on your situation and I bet you will get more quality answers. I think @HackerSploit is on to what you are asking though.

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I am rather fond of Nipe script. It has done th job for me. Kalitorify is a good option as well. whonix is great too. Alexis posted a video on this topic.

If you are not interested in setting everything up from ground zero you can always try torify. If I recall correctly it routes everything through Tor

yes , I want to use the socket to connect the relay.

Torghost. (On GitHub)

Thanks everyone for your input. This topic was answered over here . I’m closing this topic.

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