How to scan for malware in Parrot OS?

How do i check for viruses and other unwanted piece of codes in Parrot OS ?

Not sure what you mean, could you please elaborate further?

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I actually want to know that is there any way to ensure that my Linux PC is protected from virus and other sorts of codes? Like we have many options available for Windows platform. Are there such options for Linux too?

I would recommend the following:

Alexis hit the nail on the head with his recommendations. In the case of ParrotOS I would say Chkrootkit. I would also recommend not to use a security auditing distribution as an everyday use/personal OS. It is a good practice to set up your pen-testing virtual machine exactly the way you want. Then take a snap shot of it. Each job you do use a new snap shot. When your finished delete the used snap shot. Of course this is my own opinion.


You can try Lynis😉

Also I am making a program for Linux (especially Kali and Parrot) which has many features like scan system files, unknown files, links,IPs, finds your system and CPU vulnerabilities etc.
I call it SecCheckProject. It’s not yet published but it will be soon.
You can follow me on Twitter to be notified for it’s progress and release news​:wink::+1:

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