How to setup proxychains on Parrot OS

While setting up proxychains in parrot os do i need to change my DNS or it will automatically change if i follow Hackersploit setting up proxychains video part2?

@D4rkhunt3r set it up the way it says in video then test it running a program in bash example proxychains sqlmap -u see if it get ok it should look something like that and say okay if you get an okay then your good.

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Do i need other steps also to turn off proxychains while shutting down my pc as i don’t have good experiences with anonsurf. Wouldn’t it mess up with my DNS or something else if i straight away shutdown?

@D4rkhunt3r proxychains is running only when you use the command as soon as you exit the program you are using it on it shuts off.

@MoNsTeR How many proxychains can i use all together?

Yes, You can Use A list of Proxies.

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@D4rkhunt3r Mouse is right when she says you can use a list. The link she provided has great info about proxychains.

  1. un-comment dynamic_chain and add your list of proxies. Make sure strict_chain is commented in the proxychains.conf file.

I do not usually need proxies but in the past when I did I scanned my own. Creating an list of ranges from valid proxies seemed to yield good results.