How to spoof caller id. Any idea?

Can anyone help me with spoofing Mobile numbers

Recently I heard a news about a sim with functionality of tor which will anonymize you basically it will route your data through tor network this project is started by British company Brass Horn Communications


Dude I am talking about spoofing caller id . I mean that I would like to use anyone’s mobile number to call anyone .

Oh sorry but if you want to spoof your caller ID then you can use

  1. Viproy it is a module which you can use in metasploit

  2. Or You can use metasploit module (sip_invite_spoof) it is in auxillary

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Remember that it is illegal to do such things. We don’t do that here bro.

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Dude , doing such kind of things is illegal . But sharing knowledge is not at all illegal.

And by the way . Spoofing caller is not illegal …but using for fraud or scam is illegal . Law and enforcement don’t do anything to you even though they know you do spoofing . But once you commit a crime then severe action will be taken on you

@Cyber_saviour Check this out to clear your doubt: (read the whole article)

usually , scammer create a VOIP system using asterisk server and then spoof their caller id. For mobile phone i dont know exactly but you need permission for hidding it. For spoofing, their are many apps available like spooftel to spoofing mobile numbers

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