How To Stay Anonymous While Hacking

How do hackers really remain anonymous online while hacking? Do they really use Tor browser and VPN?


Dude, ur asking the same Question over and over again… :smiley:

I am confused about Tor and VPN all together. I also read that Tor browser is not safe enough to hack behind. I think i read it here on Hackersploit. That’s why am asking it.

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Buy VPS with bitcoin. Use a VPN you bought with bitcoin. Use ToR with VPN. The internet you use will be public WIFI with others using it. Wear a hat and sunglasses. Cover up any identifying features on you including tattoos or jewelry. Shred and erase logs.


@MoNsTer You hit the nail right on the head.


Yes , dude I can understand … But TOR is unsafe only when the agencies get to know the last node of the TOR network. This last node in the tor network is the only one place where all the encryption is lost and the origin of the traffic is revealed …so you can use a virtual private server to be safe and secure while hacking things and also make sure that you make all the transactions through Bitcoin .

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@D4rkhunt3r @MoNsTeR @Cyber_saviour A complicated and ever changing combination of both is the right answer.
check out my post Becoming a Ghost Hacker
In here i have made most of your points very clear , as for TOR i do not think it is safe any longer alone with VPNs so you can also combine them with its a great solution just like TOR.


@D4rkhunt3r also look into proxychains they also help with being anonymous online

There is one little problem

90% of VPSs store the logs so it will be simple to trace you back in case you do something funny

@Cyber_saviour How can we protect ourselves from this? How and why is encryption lost in the last node? What is the meaning of using tor network even if enecryption is lost in the last node?

Sadly we cant

People in the dark web are getting caught easily because half of Tor nodes are being compromised by the FBI

The only solution to that is to use a proxychain THEN torify the traffic which it a problem because your internet speed will be SO slow (0.000001KBPS)

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Internet speed would be slow but our anonymity will not be on risk. Can we also host our exit tor nodes where all encryption is lost?

There is a famous quote that i always use in my hacking life

“You can not be 100% anonymous because of how the internet works”
Just think about it,even Anonymous got caught

And no we can not host our exit nodes


Then how does FBI and other agencies host their tor exit nodes?

Wait what?

The FBI do not host nodes on Tor
Actually they have the authority to keep an eye on these nodes

They can keep an eye on all the tor exit nodes around the world? Hence security compromised.

Check this

In a blog post written on November 9, Tor Project director Andrew Lewman went over the possible ways that over 400 hidden services on dozens of servers were located by law enforcement during Operation Onymous. While some of the servers were related to criminal activity, at least some of the servers were not—including several that were acting as infrastructure for Tor’s anonymizing network. And the only answer Lewman could currently offer as to how the sites were exposed was “We don’t know.”

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@Anonym Can you explain to me where they would trace it back to? After getting through ToR + VPN if that could be traced it would go back VPS. The VPS company would then have its server subpoenaed for info. After that if they could break Tor encryption plus paid VPN encryption again it would lead back to a public Wifi many people were connected to. How would it point to the hacker? and de-anonymize the hacker? Thanks for replying on the topic I hope you can learn me something new.


Yep , now the government agencies bypassed all the application layers in the OSI model and entered into the physical layer investigation. That’s the Mac address , at this phase of investigation it is pretty much hard to trace back the hacker because he would have definitely changed the Mac address of the system. on linux changing and recovering original mac address is possible with the macchanger command:

macchanger --show wlan0

following information would be provided:

Current MAC:   44:ce:7d:7b:e7:9e 
Permanent MAC: f0:03:8c:4a:65:31 

“Permanent MAC” would be your real one.

So until now everything is fine . But things get ruined when the agencies have a physical access to your system . Have you ever observed that when ever you open the the terminal and then click the up or down arrow button then the previous commands use to appear . This is what they make use of to determine the real hacker . But still you can clear these in the .bash_history .
Now another method they use is odd one out . This is done by going through the ip logs . Assume there are other users in your network browsing something online now they check all the users and check their devices too for the history in their devices . If everything synchronises with the data that they have then the suspect is white listed . Now the only one left that is the hacker right . The agencies take the suspects devices and perform some digital forensics such as bash history check and others …

Now in any case where hackers are traced back … they are caught just because they keep the device with themselves which they previously used to hack .
In most of the hacking movies the hackers just leave behind the devices which they used …right this the reason . Now when the hacker leaves the device the physical forensics come to play . Where they search for finger prints etc … Some how the hacker is caught .

But using VIRTUAL MACHINES with Tails operating system can prevent from being caught. The hacker can erase the data . I mean he can format or delete the whole partition where he has installed the OS.


Let us suppose that a person is using his home WiFi but is also using encrypted connections in his working PC. How easy is it to get him caught?

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