VPN help required

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@NuBz NordVpn and ExpressVpn were both subpoena for logs by the court system. Because they do not keep logs they did not have information for the authorities.

this tool never seems to load properly, is the any config you have to do after install?

Even if they didn’t log anything at all which I read that they had what they were legally required to log(billing name ip address and time and date of connection) your isp still has logs that you connected to that vpn at a certain time on a certain day. Just like how they know you ocnnected to the tor network but don’t know what you did after that.

Which sadly makes it all traceable to a certain extent.
The most you are getting out of tor and a vpn is stopping websites and companies from tracking you.

Theres always something in the chain that can break your anonymity.

Besides if law enofrcement or the government is after you there is nothing you can do about it.
So all you can do is take certain steps,(like a vpn or tor),be careful what you do an say, and have fun.

I didn’t want to get into all this because I didn’t want to sound like a nut but anyway LoL.

My point was only that you can’t stay 100% anonymous on the internet no matter what you do and I’m not trying to argue with anyone.

That is the reason most elite black hat hackers use public wireless connections to hack their target. So even if it traced back ever, it will be traced back to the public address and not the hackers. They also mask their identity while hacking on a public network.

Security cameras…

There can be many people who will be working on their laptops on a given time in a coffee shop. How many and who all will you investigate. You can’t catch then even with their mac address. They hide it too.

I posted a really good reply to what you guys are talking about awhile back. How To Stay Anonymous While Hacking We are getting off topic of this specific question for this thread.

Sorry about getting so OT.
Was trying to be funny but bring up a few good points at the same time.

@NuBz No worries it happens.

correct me if am wrong some black hats also use operating systems like tails which directly route all the traffic through tor and they use public wifi so that after work when they remove pendrive all data wipe out their is no chance to get cought

You are correct but i never heard or read about anyone hacker using tails. It is very broken system or isn’t much stable.

do not use tails. tails like any operating system has the internet and then the software is told to use the proxy of tor. instead run tor on your actual computer and then have a vmware or virtualbox with ubuntu running on it under host-only networking. then run your browser on ubuntu and set it to use the tor proxy on your real computer. then there is nothing to leak, no danger from running scripts or plugins on your browsing because there is no leeks since the virtual ubuntu has no internet of its own at all, its only connection to the outer world is through the tor proxy which by its self gives no info away about your true ip or anything like this.

Well,I know some good and bad hackers (I am one of them btw :stuck_out_tongue: ) who use tails live with whonix and tor.
Also Tails has published it’s first stable version 1 or 2 months ago…

But if you want my advice in this VPN topic, I have to say that all VPN protocols are broken.The best VPN protocol and most trusted is OpenVPN which I am 100% has many holes that many cyber security companies have discovered without sharing them.

So my fast answer to @D4rkhunt3r is that VPN gives you no security or anonymity,nor proxies or proxychains.

If I wanted to stay anonymous to attack to a small target,I would buy a Pi with tails live and would connect with another whonix based device and via TOR with DNS Watch I would connect to another wifi (WPA2 can be cracked easily with KRACK), and do my job.
VPNs,Proxychains etc. just do not work.

Even TOR has discovered holes which we do not know,also whonix…
You understand that if you attack to some good target,he will find you.

I have done another comment about tracks covering if you want to check it here:

Why is proxychains not a good option? How can you say that?

Proxychains are a total of proxies.
Proxies gives you no anonymity at all (It’s much easier to bypass it than VPNs security).
They have been made for censorship bypass,bandwidth reasons etc. but no for anonymity.

So even if they were for anonymity reasons. it’s like the concept with TOR and 3 nodes.

Many people think that if you add more nodes than 3, you will be much more secured. (which is false)
All what you do is just delay your internet speed.

So if you use 1 Proxy VS 10 proxies or 1000 proxies, you do nothing.

It’s much better to use VPNChain than ProxyChain but even with it,you have to be careful to who you are attacking

VPN chain like using one VPN with another VPN?

You use a VPN and it uses another VPN with the same protocol.Specifically OpenVPN.

You --> OpenVPN1 --> OpenVPN2 --> OpenVPN# --> internet
Like Proxychains but much more secured

So you mean we should set-up OpenVPN in our PC to stay away from anonymity issues?

I am saying that there is no way to stay away from anonymity issues.
But if someone really wants to try, then I recommend to use tails live because it connects with TOR as OS and via the hacking PC connect to another Whonix based device and set a good private terms DNS (like DNS Watch) and connect to another wifi and if you want an extra security level,then use only OpenVPN protocol.

This sounds deep. Will surely do it while hacking.

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