VPN help required

What are the best VPN providers for linux that can be trusted while hacking? LOL… Or should i set up proxychains and use Tor?

I like to use “Torghost” (On GitHub)

Also ProtonVPN might be worth to take a Look at.

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@Znap proton can not be bought anonymously :frowning: what are some others good eas to use linux vpns?
or should i just forget trying so hard about anonymous and just get a vpn and start using it?

@Danman I use NordVpn. They are proven to not keep logs of customers. They have fast servers and all data is military grade encrypted. Here is a coupon to save money. You can pay with Crypto currency as well. So you can remain anonymous while purchasing and while you surf the web.

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What about Kapersky VPN for Windows?

@Rootsec It really comes down to what you are using it for and how anonymous you want to be. Kapersky VPN claims not to keep logs of users. I have not seen any evidence to prove its claims as of yet.

Don’t fall for.the “no logs” claim.

It doesn’t actually mean what it implies.

Besides your ISP is logging that you connected to the vpn and there is no way around that no matter what you do you can’t hide from your ISP.

X ip connected to X vpn at X time.

X user from X vpn did this on this site at this time.

And so on and so on.

Correlation sucks and it’s how a lot of people get caught doing messed up things.

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The best thing is to privitaise your connection, use proxies, proxieschains anf in even more needed then use a good VPN. this will make you anonymous. The best thing would be to learn to privitise your connection. Many elite hackers use this thing to hide themselves. Others are just a matter of fact. Remeber you will never be come to know about the actual privacy thing.

Generally i would rather route my traffic through multiple proxies with the use of proxychains4 and if need be added with vpnbook. torghost is quite useful as well. Though yeah as @Rootsec suggests proxychains is the best way to go while staying anonymous as you dont have to worry about any provider logging any data

Thanks @MoNsTeR
I have purchased a month from ProtonVPN just to try it out, i had problems with the tap (had to allow all media) and then i couldn’t get a connection still so i had to enable more packets than DNS, HTTP and FTP ( When the level is Low, all active packets from the LAN to WAN are allowed.) I don’t really like opening my modems firewall to who knows what other connections. Is there anyway to set up to just allow UDP/TCP?
I tried to set up a port forward on 80 80 and 80 80 UDP/TCP and it didnt like it.

Why would a vpn require you to open UDP ports?

Just curious I’ve never messed with one before.

Didn’t knew this topic was still alive. Lol :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

@NuBz NordVpn and ExpressVpn were both subpoena for logs by the court system. Because they do not keep logs they did not have information for the authorities.

this tool never seems to load properly, is the any config you have to do after install?

Even if they didn’t log anything at all which I read that they had what they were legally required to log(billing name ip address and time and date of connection) your isp still has logs that you connected to that vpn at a certain time on a certain day. Just like how they know you ocnnected to the tor network but don’t know what you did after that.

Which sadly makes it all traceable to a certain extent.
The most you are getting out of tor and a vpn is stopping websites and companies from tracking you.

Theres always something in the chain that can break your anonymity.

Besides if law enofrcement or the government is after you there is nothing you can do about it.
So all you can do is take certain steps,(like a vpn or tor),be careful what you do an say, and have fun.

I didn’t want to get into all this because I didn’t want to sound like a nut but anyway LoL.

My point was only that you can’t stay 100% anonymous on the internet no matter what you do and I’m not trying to argue with anyone.

That is the reason most elite black hat hackers use public wireless connections to hack their target. So even if it traced back ever, it will be traced back to the public address and not the hackers. They also mask their identity while hacking on a public network.

Security cameras…

There can be many people who will be working on their laptops on a given time in a coffee shop. How many and who all will you investigate. You can’t catch then even with their mac address. They hide it too.

I posted a really good reply to what you guys are talking about awhile back. How To Stay Anonymous While Hacking We are getting off topic of this specific question for this thread.

Sorry about getting so OT.
Was trying to be funny but bring up a few good points at the same time.