How would I bypass an admin on a school chromebook?

I was wondering how I would be able to bypass a school admin on a chromebook in order to visit my socials without the websites being blocked and to have the ability to open incognito or to delete my history. This would be helpful because I do not have a phone.

You can try to force it in dev-mode by pressing esc+refresh+power and wait till it restarts.

Or else, read here. Maybe you’ll find a way how to do this.

Is there another way?

I don’t know, I don’t have a Chromebook. But your question made me curious. so I started to google. :slight_smile:
I found another link you can have a look at which tells about when dev mode is blocked on the Chromebook. Maybe it’s useful.

Hello @UnicornLver
Chromebooks are designed to be un-bypassable, and because of this bypassing admin policies is impossible without dev mode. I’m not sure if developer mode is something you can enable on your school chromebook, however I would not recommend it. Developer mode essentially opens up your system completely, almost as if you are running a command on a regular linux device as root. From what I have heard, turning off developer mode is just as hard as turning it on, and you could get into an insane amount of trouble with your school. Out of curiosity, why did you want to put it in developer mode in the first place?