I am back GUYS!

Hey everyone!! i am back after a long time. Hope to get involved in active conversations and stay up to date with you all. Oh btw i hope those stupid and irritating script kiddies are gone. Will share my knowledge like never before. This place looks changed and new members can be seen here. A big heartious congratulations to my friend @Rootsec for becoming a moderator of this wonderful hacking forum :slight_smile: :+1: #FeelingHappy #FeelingBlessed


Hello, welcome back! Looking forward to your new content.

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Lol, there must always be script kiddies, they can be annoying though. But sometimes they can be fun. Welcome back mate!.

Welcome back. I have been super busy as well.

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Welcome back buddy hope to see you getting more engaged in this community and thank you for your wishes :smile:

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