I Just Downloaded & Installed Tor, Now What?

Before I go all Dark web crazy, what are some must have tools and software should I have before I give myself over to the dark side?

can somebody please make a top 5 list for me?

If you got the browser that’s all you need and it’s not reccomended you use any other addons or anything with it.

A few things I always do are

Set HTTPS Everywhere to encrypt all eligible sites.(just click on it you’ll see the option) That will also block any site that doesn’t use https and also warn you that the site was un encrypted.

Leave noscript alone unless you research about it and understand what you’re doing to it you can really mess things up and compromise yor privact easily.

type about:config in the address bar and search for referer
set the option to spoof referer to true just double click it.

I also go through all the preferences and crank all the privacy and security up as far as it will go especially if I’m going to go to onion sites.
Note that this will cause a lot of clearnet sites not to work because you’ll have javascript diabled at this point.
Just go in and check safer instead of safest if it’s a site you are sure is safe. BUT NEVER let js run on an onion site you never know who is running it and what they’re intentions are.

Set the tracking protection to custom and check off everything.
Then click on the block list and set it to the most strict.

Other than that I have rules for myself that I use when I want to surf onion sites you may or may not want to follow it’s up to you.

They are:
Never use any site that doesn’t use https(actually I fiollow this one in my regular browser also).
Never sign up for any forums
Never use chat rooms
Never download anything
I don’t generally talk about which darkweb sites I use online(ie I don’t post on my twitter “hey I found this site”) this keeps you from being associated with anything that you might of looked at for the most part since you never know for sure what is actually going on or who the admins are.

And if you do end up finding someplace you think is ok to sign up for NEVER use an email that may be linked to any real information about you.
FInd some email prvider that uses encryption and only ever sign in to it on tor.

And of course the obvious never use your real name, a user name that you have used someplace else even ones that might be 10 from years ago just don’t do it.

That’s about all I can think of I hope it helps.
Just for the most part be careful where you go and what you do and never reveal anything personal(even the smallest thing you might think is innocent can be used to identify you).

I do use an adblocker that also catches some trackers that tor doesn’t seem to pick up.
It’s called Ublock Origin you can get it by going in your options and searching in the addon part for the name.
Seems pretty safe since it doesn’t ever connect to anywhere but Mozillas site for updates and has no home server.

And EDIT again LoL;
One thing that just came to mind is that if I do end up siging up for a forum because I can’t browse it unless I do I use a fake email and a name that has nothing to do with any of my interests of dislikes or anything just something completely random.
I’ve ran into a lot of them that don’t even require an email and if the forum software does for some reason they tell you just to use something that looks like an email address instead.
And I never post or pm anyone.
If I happen to get pm’d I ignore it and sometimes abandon that account and make a new one.


Awesome, Great advice bro!


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Don’t forget to use your .onion urls if you wanna view the DeepWeb

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