I need help cracking this code

Can anyone help me in cracking this code. I need more detailed hints.
Follow the given link for the challenge.
Crack the code

I Also Tried to Decrypt It using XOR encryption but XOR decryption requires a password by which it is encrypted.

I Think the Password is mind (From 3rd Hint)

I tried almost all online / offline methods to decrypt this data:

"N\x15\xc9\xdd\x07qim\xc28!\xd59 mindyo-r mindy\[email protected]\x82mH\xf5\xad\xbf\xe2\x1b\xb7G\xc8\xc1\x98N\x87p|W\x952j\xde\xf0\xc28~C\xe4\xa1\x9c\xf4\xb8\xcccB~\xc0J\x87\x83\xc3[\xb1\xf5\x1e(:\xdc\xd4\x00?\xce6\xe6m\xbc\x83\x16lIs\xf3\x89\xcd\xaf\xae\xf8\x0f\xba'\[email protected]\x1a}ine}ius)&iioxotQ#lhk9yotr,'ifnx\xff$\xc4\xe2mikehtu\x11 \x02i\x00d\x1eo\x07rAm\x1dn\x17yAu\x06 \x15i\x1adyoax!m\xe9\xed\xd6|uG\xa1!xoodY\xef\xc1\xf3 m"
  • Note: I decoded given string with python base64 module, online decoder are giving little bit gibberish result

The Last Hint i.e Igor Pavlov is the name of a programmer who developed 7-zip software
(No Idea About Last Hint)

Maybe This will help you to crack this code

1) There are 64 kinds of bases in the world

2) Be eXclusive OR inclusive

3) The key is your mind

4) Long live Igor Pavlov

From 1st hint, two words seems to be interesting that is 64 & bases
Which means, we have to decode the string with base64

And the base 64 decoded string looks like this:

Naqim8!9 mindyo-r [email protected]|W2j8~C䡜cB~J[(:�?6mlIsͯ'@}ine}ius)&iioxotQ#lhk9yotr,'ifnx$mikehtu i�doarAmnyAu idyoax!m|uG!xoodY m

I did that part. But after that I couldn’t figure out. I think i have to ord (XOR) that decoded string. But how?

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