I need help with my network asking if someone will give me advice

I’m staying at a hostel so I know the network is compromised I’m new to linux but ran lynis and whats going on is for almost a year someone has been hacking me
I want to use windows cause its easy for work stuff but I feel like giving up because i dont know what to do…I try and run kali in vm and hacker takes the image out
There are multiple essid with the same name and my computer only shows one available to log onto…There using freeBSD and Gist , and mashups. My bluetooth adapter is not showing anymore and when i plug in a usb it shows 2 show up

Ive pen tested myself and it shows all the facts

i have two computers should I make one a server ? how do i get to a point to where i can have control over my pc and fix the network using routersploit which i dont know how to use…the owner does not belive me so i have no access to the router but ill hack it if i have to in order to fix it…the dns ip is the same server as the main ip address

can someone pentest my system i dont even care anymore

tell me a guy who just wants to work what is the most secure way to run my operating system? i use rufus to write windows enterprise and i get windowsNT not even on my hard drive on a virtual disk

please help

i did not create these groups not sure if thats normal

i run a wifi test and it show a different location everytime where the wifi is coming from