I need help with Security

Hey guys, Cariiboo here with another problem… Anyone has access to my PC and I can’t find fix it by myself… Is there a way for, ou guys to access my PC and find that out?

this is a realy bad idea man.

@Cariiboo What is the problem or the symptoms of it?

I have to agree.
Giving some random person on the internet access remotely to your pc is a terrible idea.

Anyone that decides to do that for someone off the internet is also taking a risk.

my suggestion would be a complete reinstall of your os without any imported configurations

Maybe you could tell us what os it is and what your problem seems to be and someone might be able to help you learn to fix it yourself.

Can you please tell us more about your problem ???
And what help you want from us ???
According to your question, what I have understood is that

  1. Your PC has been remotely accessed by someone and you want no more conversation with
    him and you tried to stop but you couldn’t. One way to break the connection between you
    and him is to scan your computer to find the open port and services running on them.
    As soon as you find some Remote Desktop Connection port is opened. If you are a
    Linux user you can simply stop the service and if you are Windows user you can
    create a inbound rule to the Listening port in your firewall only then that person will
    not be able to access your computer
  2. If you have some other problem please elaborate you problem so that we can understand and give you appropriate solution for that.

Actually it’s just as simple on windows as it is on Linux all you have to do is kill the service.

Of course if it is happening and you want it to stop pulling the ethernet plug or using your wifi kill switch is a temporary fix but killing the service for good stops them from getting back in that way.

Just re-install whole windows :joy:

That’s also the right method for Turning Off the services in your PC. But, if you don’t know the service name then it is difficult to find the particular service in services.msc than to find them in firewall configuration window of your PC.

Yes you do have a point.
It would be the easiest(and fastest)way which is what you want in that situation I suppose.

Better to learn how to fix things than just wipe the drive every time something goes wrong.

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