I Need To Know About DDoS Attack Please

please, who can help me to use DDoS Attack? I Don’t Understand How It’s Work And How I Can Get This Attack To Kali Linux? thanks.

Google is your best friend here


Ddos is a total of requests ( or simply useless information) that many computers send to a server at the same time to overload server’s CPU as a result other people cannot reach it.

Ddos is not very good idea though because it’s really easy to check who did it or who gave the signal to start the attack.

Search about Botnets :wink:


i checked man but i wanted to ask in here :slight_smile:

oh, thanks man that is new information i didn’t know: people can know who did it work thanks for your help to be successfull my bro, of course i searching about Botnets ,but what you think about brute force hacking?

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It depends on

  1. How much time you want to spend to hack something
  2. This is one of the latest options if you want to login something (better first search for vulns)
  3. Now bruteforcing to login is something that can be controlled… I mean there are ways to brute force but the serious companies give a limit of tries for every account per hour. So it’s really impossible to crack an account with this way (if it hassstrong password ofcourse)
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aha, ok my dear bro… thanks for help and answer my question, can you say how i can be a hacker and, i need to start with what?

Well, I cannot answer because I don’t want to be bad. @Rootsec please, I really want to read your answer on this question :joy:


sorry, I didn’t want to teach me I just question how I can be a hacker and, I need to start with what, I think this is the right question :frowning:

So you wanna test ‘our’ knowledge by asking that question here? Bad :thinking:


no man, i just wanted have more experience about this, i didn’t want test you, i’m so sorry if i do or say something mistake or words. :frowning:

The first rule you must follow to become a good hacker don’t ask before searching.
The Second rule you must follow to become a good hacker you must learn [networking,programming,operating systems,cryptography systems]
Then you can start your hacking journey and learn about network/web/devices penetration testing and exploit development and malware analysis/development and scripting security tools…etc

in security… you must have the own basic skills of each field before get into it…


I agree with you on this. :+1:

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I agree , Personally i think a hacker is a person with a great deal of patience and will for knowledge. If you want to learn about something do the research( read books, articles , follow courses , watch videos…) ans as I always say google is your friend.