Image -> Location

Hello guys,
I was wondering if there was a way or a tool that can help me send an image to a person and by downloading it I can track their exact location
i notice that it works the other way around that from an image i can get the person’s location from the tagged property inside of it but what i actually want is to target a person and me being the sender.
Thank you in advance

Hello eliohh, here HackSh00t

If you want to know my personal opinion, I don’t actually think that is a way to get the location by sending a picture. First of all it is needed to run code to get the gps position, you could get the IP and determine it (not very a cured) but this has nothing to see with the picture.

There are a lot of factors that interfere could you specify the device in witch you want to run the location gathering and via what media you want to send it pls.

The fastest way I’m thinking of it would be (only if it is a computer) to trick them by making them think that its a picture but what it is, is a executable that provides you with the location.
For mobile phones it would be a little more tricky.

Anyway I’m only giving you my honest opinion, I’m not an actual expert in the topic so I may be wrong :sweat_smile:. Let me know if you have something else to ask

There is a way, by use of JavaScript code to find the location of particular device and send the location back to your web server which is in your control. The steps may be

  1. Make a web page that will contain image of your choice and inside that HTML page use a javascript code to access the location of the device which is accessing the web page.
  2. At server side use server side script to
    accept the location send by the user browser and store it in a file of your choice.
  3. Give the link of your webpage to the person whose location you want. As soon as he allow the location on his browser you will get his or her location in your file stored on your web server.

There are several other scripts and tools available on GitHub that performs this task but ask permission in return which is suspicious here.