Installing Kali Linux on SSD/Sata beside Windows10

Hey there…
i want you to know how the installation works, because i searched over and over again on google and found everything but nothing helpful… so here is my advice :slight_smile:

If you have for ex. 1 SSD and 1 SATA
on SSD you have preinstalled Windows 10
and you would like to have Kali Linux on SATA

Just do it like that

  1. Download Rufus

  2. Download Kali Linux

  3. Set it up by DD not ISO - so you dont have troubles with CD Rom mount :wink: - Very important
    Got to bios (for me is F12)

  4. if you have a UEFI mode BIOS with Windows 10

  • secure mode disabled
  • …rom disabled
  1. add file to boot in bios … and select /USB/boot/…x64.efi
  2. save
  3. put it on the first above windows bootloader
  4. save and exit
  5. restart pc/laptop
  6. now you can follow the installation without troubles

if you have questions - ask me :wink: - iam always there for you and comment asap.