Issues with proxychains

So when i use proxychains on kali i have no issues, my traffic is very quickly routed through multiple proxies very far from me. But when trying to run it on Parrot due to firefox naturally not being allowed to run as root is stops the proxychain script from envoking and doesnt route the traffic and all of a sudden when trying to use anonosurf or anonym8 neither allow a connection to go through and blocks all my internet traffic…

Anyone have a work around i could try?

You don’t have to run as root on parrot for everything to work, all the tools will just ask for the password when you start them up.

Also I tried parrot once and got sick of it because their “security” locks the owner out of doing so many things on the machine it gets to be sickening.
Could have something to do with that.

I don’t know who they are securing it from? The outside world or you?
But it was terrible I couldn’t even send files to my phone and every fix I found wouldn’t work.

@NuBz @S1l3n7 You both should discuss this issue on the offiicial parrot OS community forum or telegram channel. They would be happy to assist you there with your problems specifically. Did anyone tried running Firefox in firejail environment? NUBz i think that most of the tools in parrot os requires you to get root access. The password thing you are talking about is known as root password only. Like when you open a terminal you aren’t asked to type in your password but when you want to get root then you have to type in your password. Hence typing in your password to get access can be considered as a root access only.

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lol kiddies :joy:joy:joy.

sorry about that, after a migraine and a burrito i have managed to fix the issue once and for good :slight_smile: lussed the broken tools and scripted my own tool

I don’t have the problem any more parrot works great on my machine since I uninstalled it.:smile:

parrot os have still many bugs and according to my recomendations
i prefer kali and arch linux cuz frozenbox has still to fix some fuc*ing problems …

sure they have problems to fix but all these distros are opensources and never 100% stable in every aspect 100% of the time. Sure i habe had a few problems with parrot but nothing i havent been able to fix, it still by far beats the laggyness of kalis interface which i would have thought would stop being an issue a while back being as kali is meant to be “sooo winderful”
though i dont want to cause any fights, this is strictly in my own opinion after what someone once preached to me

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